Google Universal App Campaign Takeover

Measurably Daring™

Google released an announcement on their blog on August 14th outlining a roadmap to a UAC only world. This means that all app UA activity on AdWords will need to be run from a UAC campaign.  Advertisers wont me able to create new non-UAC campaigns Oct. 16th and non-UAC campaigns will stop Nov. 15th.  Google also says they are investing heavily in UAC on the product side.

Why Google is doing this:

-Google has seen UAC scale enormously over the last 2 years. More than 50% of app installs in AdWords come from UAC.

-Google has been making massive strides in machine learning and UAC is the culmination of that. They see this campaign type as the future of Adwords as a platform.

-Google thinks marketers are underutilizing certain inventory and targeting options and that humans can’t look at every combination of signals that drive performance. This gives Google more control over how money is spent on their platform.

Our Thoughts

Brand Safety

There is a fairly large lack of transparency in UAC and Fetch is working with Google to increase it. There are a large number of brand safety filters in place by default and Google has learned from their YouTube challenges earlier in the year. However, only Google representatives can pull keyword and placement reports and add negatives to UAC.


With only UAC campaigns, there is a lack of ability to differentiate priorities by channel.  Many clients have different goals for Competitor conquesting because marketshare is a priority.  Other clients have different KPIs for Youtube because they see the brand impact video has.

Google’s solution is to improve UAC by allowing additional signals to be broad into UAC.  Then If certain targeting has a higher LTV or ROI, it will optimize appropriately.  Fetch is happy to work with our clients to determine what are the right signals UAC needs to perform best.