Freddie’s Strategy Internship with Fetch

Measurably Daring™

Freddie Fitton

As a student you have a hazy perception of the working world, and just before beginning my summer internship at Fetch, I wondered whether it would be Mad Men brainstorming sessions or Silicon Valley pitches. Fortunately, it was neither.

Midway through studying for a degree in Geography at Newcastle University, I had no prior experience in digital marketing. However, I have long been interested in the role digital has in shaping today’s culture, recently visiting Berlin to speak with founders of digital start-ups and the impact they have there. As a result, I was eager to join Fetch this summer as an intern.

My internship at Fetch was in the Strategy department, led by Julian. Strategy requires you to understand your client’s’ goals, and then implement them through a focused plan, by integrating mobile marketing and digital communication channels for customer acquisition and retention. Immediately, I began working with the team. Being able to work for some of the biggest brand names across the world was extremely enjoyable, and allowed me to get a first-hand look at how the company works.

I was also lucky enough to work with Benji who provided tremendous help and guidance throughout. I was invited to attend meetings and group discussions on clients, to offer my opinion and thoughts. This is something that epitomises the fundamental principles within Fetch despite being an Intern, there was no feeling of inferiority, and my opinions were listened to, just as much as the rest.

In my third week, Fetch held their annual festival, which celebrates the company and its employees. This was a week of team activities, games, and social events. I was able to meet people from all departments across the company throughout the week, of which I may not have come across otherwise. This was a great way to get to know more about Fetch, understand more what others do in the company, whilst at the same time developing relationships.

Starting somewhere new is always going to be daunting at first, but Fetch and its employees have the ability to make you feel very at home, very quickly. The friendly welcome I received on day one is something which resonated throughout the office, and across all Fetch.

Thank you to everyone at Fetch for making my internship as exciting as it was informative!