Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career Path

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From the age of 14 people are expected to know what they want to do as a career, from choosing the subjects for your GCSE’s to choosing a course at university, these decisions can be overwhelming and scary.

I was once in this position, I have never really known what I wanted to do, first I wanted to be a lawyer (to impress my parents obviously), then I wanted to work in fashion but that did not turn out too well… And then finally I chose digital marketing. Here are the reasons I chose the career I am in now:

1. The first great thing about digital marketing is that you do not need a specialist degree! Many people I work with have done various degrees such as psychology, fashion, biology, geography… Of course the majority have a degree in a business based subject but it does not mean that if you are a graduate who has decided to change your career path you are limited. There is a job in digital marketing for all skill sets, whether you are analytical, creative, social and many which rely on a combination of these.

2. You are working in a constantly evolving environment, everyone has heard the generic quote “technology is always evolving” however repetitive this saying is, there is an element of truth. As we evolve as human beings so will technology and as technology progresses so does digital marketing. Technology is the future, which means if you work in digital marketing you are already ahead of the trend and are less likely to be replaced by robots.

3. No two days are the same in digital marketing, I am someone who can get bored easily if I am doing the same thing day in day out, however working in digital marketing one day is never the same. Most agencies work with a number of clients from a variety of different industries, meaning there is always room for growth and to develop new skills.

4. And last but not least, everyone is so friendly in digital marketing. The industry is very future focused; therefore, you aren’t working with any golden oldies! Some of the coolest people I have met work in digital marketing.

So if you want to be a cool cat like me… take up a career in digital marketing.

Rosie Holmes – PPC Account Executive at Fetch