That was… Advertising Week Europe

Measurably Daring™

It’s been a busy week at Fetch Media HQ, with Advertising Week Europe in full swing. One of the world’s largest advertising events, Advertising Week Europe brings together the disciplines of advertising, marketing and technology.

Based in London, we sent some of our fledgling “Fetchlings” along to report back on all the action and capture some of the key themes of the week:

Audiences Can Drive Creativity

Being a firm Fetch favourite, we eagerly anticipated Snapchat’s talk on all-things creative. The team at Snap told the tale of the infamous Snapchat Lenses and how on launch, they just didn’t work. Ploughing through the motions to find a potential solution, the company then decided to put the lenses behind a paywall; again causing further backlash and again not solving the problem. Eventually, all faith in the platform was restored when the team decided to put creativity first and introduce the Lens Studio. A program for those who love viral AR, the Lens Studio places the public at the heart of the platform and encourages users to get as creative as they can — the possibilities are endless. Ultimately, getting real people involved and listening to their suggestions is key when it comes to getting the most out of your brand or product.

The Power of Advertising: It’s Here to Stay

Not coming as a huge surprise but incredibly relevant all the same, advertising’s power and reach is greater than ever before and is only going to keep growing. The point that kept being made throughout Advertising Week Europe was how to communicate with consumers. The ad world is ever-changing because the power lies with the people we are trying to market to. Of course, the idea of “trust” was a huge focal point (thanks to the ongoing Cambridge Analytica story), and millennials and Gen-Z were constantly brought up as points of reference. Key takeaways? Be brave, don’t be afraid to do things differently and remember to always be mobile-first.

When It Comes to Content, Authenticity Matters

Whether from an agency or brand standpoint, authenticity is the antithesis of any content strategy. Whilst watching “Phillip Schofield: Super Snapchatter”, one of Phil’s key takeaways was that he likes Snapchat the best because he feels that he can be his most honest and authentic self on the platform. Noting that Snapchat “gets” him and what he wants to achieve from a content perspective, Phil’s top tips in order to get the most out of the platform included keeping all content honest, light and fun.

The Future of Tech: Voice, Social and AI

Where does the future of technology lie? The possibilities are endless according to the panels at Advertising Week Europe. With multiple conversations happening around the issue of technology vs trust, new advertising streams such as voice-first marketing and social shopping were making the rounds all week long. As always, AI was a hot topic and all were encouraged to make it an integral part of every business strategy. When it comes to artificial intelligence, it’s clear that the future of innovation still revolves around being “mobile-first”. But whatever new trends many emerge, the power is still quite literally in the hands of consumers.

It’s Time To Embrace Mental Health

Perhaps the most important message to come out of Advertising Week Europe was that of embracing mental health. Many talks and panels were held and with one message in mind: companies must accept and embrace mental health and open up to the conversation within the workplace. Seeing top executives from the likes of Google and Direct Line Group confess their personal “elephants in the room” made for compelling viewing and invited others to share their own experiences. Mindfulness sessions were also included, as well as a talk regarding “the three W’s and a H” in order to tackle mental health conversations at work: what’s the problem? who can help? how can they help and why can they help? It was fantastic to see such a positive message spread throughout the week, especially as raising awareness about mental health is something which team Fetch is incredibly passionate about doing.

By Daisy-May Kent