QR Codes in motion

Measurably Daring™

Nerdindustries, a German innovation lab based in Hamburg, has taken the popular Quick Response Codes (more commonly known as QR Codes) to a new level. QRmovie was originally developed as an Adobe® After Effects plugin, the software enables QR Codes to be integrated into moving images. This is achieved by using the QR Code as an overlay in a video. When images change through the video clip, it will remain visible through the QR Code (see this video to see it in action).

The plugin is pushing boundaries and opening up possibilities. QRmovie allows individual movie scenes, sequences or even entire films to be effortless transformed into an adaptable QR Code. This is significant because it means QR Codes will no longer be limited to print, outdoor and web media. We will be able to apply QRCodes to digital displays, projections and TV screens. Perhaps soon we may even see QR Codes in cinemas on the big screen. Well, before the turn-off-your-phone warning of course!

When I first heard about QRmovie, I was sceptical as to how well it would work in videos. However, I have been surprised by how fast they work. Nerdindustries have said that the dynamic QR Codes are readable by all existing QR Code reader at any place. Even better!

However, as cool as I think this new creation is, I can also think of a number of drawbacks. For starters, if QRmovies are to be used in TV advertising, the QR Codes would have to be shown on the screen long enough for viewers to take out their phones, fire up the QR Code readers and complete the scan. Secondly, the software would have to be tested and re-tested to eliminate the chance of faults – if QRmovies took to public screens and errors were occurring, for example the codes not scanning functionally, there could be huge implications for the reputation of both Nerdindustries as well as the brand using dynamic Codes in their advertisements. That brings me to my last point – in order to provide the best user experience and to allow the user to engage with the content quickly and effectively, the QR Code’s destination will need to be mobile optimised.

Overall, I think that it is a genius idea and there is huge potential QRmovie to succeed. This new technology will allow existing QR Code using brands to reach a broader target audience in creative ways, and it also opens up a lot more opportunities for brands looking to expand into mobile.

Prianka Patel is a Campaign Analyst at Fetch.