I Found My Job on Tinder. Yeah, THAT Tinder.

Measurably Daring™

It all started when I was swiping one day looking for a nice girl to grab a few drinks with, or take a stroll around Central Park. I swiped right, left, right again and then a peculiar profile popped up.


My first thought was “Oh man, are you kidding? Who names their kid Fetch?” And then I started reading. The profile stated that they were an agency looking to hire a marketing intern for three months and they wanted a unique first line to open the conversation.

I swiped right, and I matched.

Now, usually at this point after a match, I would swipe through their profile and imagine our lives together. With Fetch, it was different. There were so many other questions. Was it a legitimate job? How would I give them my resume? And the most pressing question “Oh, gosh.. what are they going to see on MY profile?”

Luckily, my profile only talked about my deep love of Gilmore Girls and Pizza. My phone buzzed and Fetch said hi. It was time for my pickup line.

Ah, yeah. Brilliant. From there, the conversation was mostly business. My background, what Fetch did as an agency and then I was given an email to send my resume to. Fast forward two weeks, and I’m sitting in a glass conference room that looks like it’s straight out of a James Bond film, overlooking TriBeCa. It was my first Tinder date in New York, and it was my interview with Fetch.

I’m happy to say on that date I had a way with words and today I’m the Marketing Intern with Fetch New York.

So far, my experience with Fetch has been great. The rest of the East Coast team could not be a nicer group of people, and have taught me so much about the business of mobile marketing already. My first task was to create a video about my experience finding the job through a platform like Tinder, which featured the very guy that swiped right on me.

The New York office also shares a roof with several agencies in the Dentsu Aegis Network, so I’m meeting several new people daily that work in marketing and advertising. As an intern, that’s been incredibly valuable because I’m exposed to so many different sections of this vast business. Our office also has these incredible terraces that make for a killer Snapchat story.

Looking back, I loved this kind of recruitment because it was low pressure. Walking into the interview, I knew they had seen my Tinder profile, that’s about as vulnerable as you can get. It was a unique experiment and I had a ton of fun being a part of it.