Mobile-First Indexing

June 4, 2018

Mobile-First Indexing is one of Google’s latest development in a move to make the web a more mobile-friendly space. This highly anticipated shift reflects a change in user behaviour which…

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The Rise of Ad Tech within Football

May 11, 2018

In recent times, football clubs have received an increasingly high amount of revenue from television broadcasters. Within the Premiere League alone, the current deal which expires in 2019 is worth…

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Selfie Success with Snapchat

April 27, 2018

Working at Fetch Media (the mobile-first agency) it’s no surprise that all employees keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest, most innovative technology from the world of mobile. With one…

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Stress Awareness Month at Fetch Media

April 13, 2018

Managing stress and mental health should be the epitome of any business and is something that Fetch Media takes incredibly seriously. April marks Stress Awareness Month, a time for bringing…

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Fetch Media CEO

Fetch CEO Guillaume Lelait

March 28, 2018

Since Guillaume Lelait was promoted March 20 from Fetch Media’s US managing director to its first-ever US CEO, he’s inherited a wealth of operations and clients, as well as an…

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Fetch Media

That was… Advertising Week Europe

March 23, 2018

It’s been a busy week at Fetch Media HQ, with Advertising Week Europe in full swing. One of the world’s largest advertising events, Advertising Week Europe brings together the disciplines…

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