Fetch’s Weekly Digital Digest #31


Welcome to the digest.


E-commerce app visits climbed 60% in the first half of 2017. According to app gurus App Annie, the prominent American mobile-first shopping apps Amazon, Etsy and Zulily have seen huge growth in total user sessions. This bodes well for mobile marketers as we move into holiday season, with Mcommerce certain to see a significant growth rate on the 2016 figures. Read More

Finland are the biggest data hoggers in the world, using a remarkable average of 10.95 gigabytes per month. Finns have telecom company Elisa to thank for this, who allow unlimited data usage at any desired speed for 4G. By comparison, U.S. smartphone owners use an average of 2.76GB per month and the UK a mere 1.84GB. See below for chart.

Emerging Trends

Google’s AI has by far the highest IQ amongst competitors with a score of 47.3 followed by Chinese search engine Baidu (33), Microsoft’s Bing (32), and Siri (24), according to a report from three Chinese researchers. Whilst this still doesn’t’ trump the IQ of an average 6-year-old (55.5), the technology has been rapidly advancing in line with the increased investment in AI – $1.7 billion was spent funding AI companies in Q1 2017 alone.

Amazon partners with Nissan to integrate Alexa offering owners voice control, dubbed Nissan Connect Services. The new skill will allow users to control a majority of the vehicle’s functions such as unlocking a door, flashing the lights and honking the horn. Whether saying ‘honk’ to Alexa appeases road rage as much as smashing the horn repeatedly with one’s hand, remains to be seen. Read More

Something Social

Humans will now vet political ads on Facebook. Seen as a key perpetrator of the fake-news debacle, Facebook has now vowed to get real humans to assess ads based on social issues, politics, religion and ethnicity.

As digital – and especially social – begin to become as valuable as TV, brands are increasingly looking for premium advertising space on the social paltforms. By taking this approach, Facebook could see more high-profile political investment on the platform, whilst simultaneously coutnering the risk of big blunders, such as the controversial Russian adverts put out in September.  

Instagram roll out shoppable posts, allowing sellers to tag their photos with links to an in-app page that includes a product description, price, and a “Shop Now” button. This comes as Instagram is becoming increasingly influential in product purchases, with 72% of users saying they’ve purchased a product they saw on the app. 

Facebook now has Stories for all pages, meaning that anyone with a page can use all the cute little effects and filters to boost engagement with their eagerly-anticipatory following. Read More


Is working from home good for business? The article reveals how IBM, one of the most successful and pioneering companies of the last 50 years, has now made a move to bring people back into the office. Revenues for the tech giant have now dropped 20 quarters in a row as the article cites the decrease in ‘collaborative efficiency’ as the potential root of the problem. Read More

“Mobile and the attention economy are set up to undermine human will.” This fascinating report in to the lives of Silicon Valley moguls reveals the self-perpetuating issue of smartphone addiction and attention deficits, with modern smartphone users in a state of “continuous partial attention.” Great read.

Benji – Junior Strategist at Fetch