Founder & Executive Chairman

“Mobile and digital are colliding. A mobile-first agency is better positioned to understand consumers going forward.”

James founded Fetch, one of the world’s first ever mobile-first agencies, in 2009 aged just 23.  An entrepreneur by nature, he quickly spotted an opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly growing mobile app market at that time.

Whilst many companies, new and old, were moving quickly into the mobile app space, nearly all of them were focused on creating the apps. James believed that building an agency that helped these apps grow through intelligent digital marketing was and area Fetch could pioneer.

Within just 5 years, Fetch become recognized as the agency for the app economy. He grew the business successfully from a small start-up to 250 mobile experts across six global offices servicing some of the world’s most pioneering high growth global brands in the app and digital economy today which have included Supercell, Facebook, Expedia Inc. and eBay.

Named him one of the industry’s Top 50 Most Influential Individuals in Mobile, he’s also been included in the BIMA 2014 Hot 100: a celebration of the top 100 people in digital today.

Passionate about the mobile world we operate in, James remains Fetch’s Executive Chairman and has built the business to the leading agency it is today.

James continually looks for new ways to do business better and well. He’s put well-being into the heart of Fetch’s business and has pledged to raise £1m for charity by the age of 40 to help disadvantaged people from all walks of life with a specific focus on mental health.

Best bit of advice ever received: