Gosha Khuchua

Managing Partner – Head of Media, US

Consumers are moving through digital environments at an extremely high speed. They don’t see the boundaries between their devices (and increasingly between real and virtual) and expect to receive the most relevant content wherever they are. Brands have to reconcile the need to market at high velocity to match the pace of their consumers while being strategic about what they communicate where to deliver the most value and stickiness.

Gosha is a veteran of the media industry, having worked on both client and agency sides in LA, London and New York. In New York and London, he worked across a wide spectrum of clients, helping introduce new, more efficient and effective media practices to their branding and acquisition and media portfolios. 

Gosha moved to LA in 2015 to join Live Nation Entertainment’s ticketing subsidiary Ticketmaster with a mandate to build a robust in-house media agency. Leveraging the company’s vast first-party customer database, he helped create an industry-leading marketing group that worked on behalf of hundreds of Ticketmaster clients to run thousands of campaigns focused on driving demand for live events. In three years, Ticketmaster’s agency became the agency of record for multiple NHL, NBA and NFL teams, as well as live show giants such as House of Blues and Broadway Across America.

Outside of work, Gosha is an avid fan of ice hockey with his favourite team being the St. Louis Blues (winners of exactly 0 Stanley Cups); and also plays the sport terribly. With a passion for travel, Gosha’s favourite cities include Berlin, Paris and Sydney; with Hong Kong and Singapore next on the wishlist.

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