Most people do reporting, looking back on what they’ve already done.
We do data, looking ahead to what we can change.

Data helps you understand how users behave, and how and when you can influence their behaviour.

We measure people, not media. We track every interaction they have with a brand on a device – it could be media, content, social. That way, we know what they’re doing and what’s engaging them. Then we use that information to influence which path they next take. And because we can create a unique experience for every one of them, we’re in a better position to make them more valuable to you.

  • 1Every mobile user has a unique ID and a unique experience. Thanks to sophisticated ad tracking we can see what they’ve done in the past and predict what they’ll do in the future. We use that understanding to respond to them in a unique way.
  • 2We know where, when and why people are most responsive to advertising. And we know how to use this to power mobile advertising – and other things like outdoor, and social content.
  • 3We’re quick on our feet, too. So if our data tells us ways we can improve the impact of a campaign, we’ll make that change straight away and instantly know what effect it’s had.

What our analytics team does

  • User segmentation

  • Multi touch attribution

  • Cross device measurement

  • Lifetime value assessment

  • Yield analysis

  • Audience optimisation

  • Mobile app analytics

  • Media verification

  • Benchmarking

  • Mobile ad tracking

FetchMe dashboard

Our proprietary dashboard delivers all your global data to you in a single interface. It can segment audience and user insights to target and re-engage. And that means you get the most appropriate and effective media spend.

  • FetchMe analyses over 1 billion user interactions per month across more than 100 countries.
  • It can deliver global business data and local delivery metrics.
  • And gives you the ability to target higher value users.

Read insights from FetchMe here

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson

Head of Data and Operations

FetchMe allows us to turn billions of data points into the key insights which drive positive change for our clients.

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